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Ferret Camp Cowboy and Elderly Ferret

Please add 3% to your total boarding cost or ask for a custom invoice.

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Ferret Boarding
located in Newcastle, WA
Terri Cunningham - Sole Proprietor/owner/operator
Email or call 206-659-LDFC (5332)

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Unfortunately due to an ever increasing need for ferret boarding, we can no longer take last minute or emergency drop offs during summer or holidays when we are the busiest and almost always full.  Please plan ahead and make reservations early!


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If you are planning a vacation, taking a business trip or even just a weekend away, then you know how exhausting the process of finding a safe place for your ferret can be.  If you have chosen to share your life with a fuzzy, then most likely you are not a "mainstream" pet owner and are just as unique as your ferret.  However, ferrets have a tendency to get themselves into alot more trouble (usually) and just when you think you have ferret "proofed" your home, you find there is no such thing.  As a 25+ year ferret owner myself, I understand this dilemma and I'm here to help you in your quest for an experienced ferret sitter.

Veterinary clinics, boarding facilities and even ferret rescues each have their own set of disadvantages.  While it's impossible to keep an environment completely safe from airborne viruses or other infections such as earmites, I believe I have at least reduced the exposure. 

I even went the extra mile to make it easier for you to find the right sitter for your fuzzy.  If you are someone connected to the ferret community, you may know about or even subscribe to Ferret News (written by ferret expert and co-owner/author of Modern Ferret no longer in publication) or Ferrets Magazine, both well known respected sources of ferret information.  Bob Church, a world renowned ferret guru with impressive credentials, presented a great article in Ferrets Magazine for finding the Perfect Ferret Sitter.  Another good article in Ferret News is worth reading as well.

Once you are ready to choose your sitter, I invite you to come back and see what Ferret Camp has to offer.

CAMP COUNSELOR back to top

  • I am their sole caregiver.
  • There is no volunteer or staff rotation.
  • Your information does not get passed along to someone else.
  • Fewer people involved mean fewer risk of human error.
  • My focus is on your fuzzies safety and to insure (s)he is having FUN so they don't miss you (too much).
  • Your fuzzy gets comfortable with one person which often eases the transition to a new environment and they feel safe.
  • References provided upon request  


Ferret Camp services include short and long-term boarding in a private home suitable and SAFE for ferrets.  You can download the Ferret Boarding Contract to print out and bring with you when you drop off your fuzzies or just review the Terms and Conditions(This is not the complete contract so please print out the one above to bring with you).  I strongly encourage you to review the terms of the contract prior to reserving space so that if you have any questions or concerns they can be addressed in advance and eliminate any last minute confusion or issues.  Of particular concern will be ongoing updates and changes to vaccination requirements.


All fuzzies get daily exercise outside their cage in a large play room  dedicated to ferret enrichment which includes toys, tubes, puzzle boxes and more.  

They are fed the same food they receive at home and I strive to stay as close to their own routine as possible to minimize their stress.  

They are always within sight or hearing so when I am not physically next to them, they can still hear or see me as I go about my daily chores. They are safely behind a clear barrier, not a closed door. 

Typically, they get a MINIMUM of 2 hours PERSONAL attention during their playtime which is usually between  4-6 hours every day, sometimes more if he's young and has extra energy to burn. The amount of playtime varies for each ferret which is determined by their own home routine.

Ferret Camp is air conditioned in the summer and protected with a backup generator in the event of a power failure.  This insures that medication and chicken soup stays refrigerated and can be heated as necessary and ferrets are never subjected to extreme high or low room temperatures.

If requested, bathing and/or grooming is offered for an extra fee. 

They also get to rock out to the boombox if they so desire.  The DJ takes requests at no extra charge.

Personal Consultations are highly encouraged (but not required) prior to reserving space.  Come check out your ferret's surrogate home.


PLEASE NOTE:  For the health and safety of all the ferrets visiting Ferret Camp, under no circumstances can we take ferrets with an obvious contagious illness/disease.  Most common symptoms are runny poos that can be a wide variety of colors and consistency such as green, black and/or tarry, clear, gel like, seedy, watery and so forth.  Corona viruses are the most common and spread among ferrets like wildfire.  If you ferret is having consistently bad poop that lasts for 24 hours or more, they must be seen by a vet, treated if necessary and given the all clear for boarding.

DISCLAIMER!  While we do our best to control the health and welfare of all ferrets, we have no control over ferrets who come in with, or carry a possible virus and are not obviously symptomatic.  We do our best to intervene and provide supportive care if your ferret should contract a virus and also seek appropriate vet care as needed.

I have experienced many of the typical genetic ferret diseases and illness and partner with my vet for appropriate treatment.  I understand and recognize the subtle changes in health and behavior such as depression or weight loss, both of which can usually be managed with supportive care and extra TLC.  I am intimately familiar with the more serious illnesses such as adrenal disease, cardiomyopathy and insulinoma.  Sometimes a stressed ferret may begin to show symptoms of a disease that was previously latent. If the symptoms are obvious upon meeting your ferret, we can discuss how to proceed if it is not life threatening.  If the symptoms appear during the ferrets stay, I will attempt to stabilize the condition if appropriate, otherwise he will be taken to emergency if it becomes necessary and work with you on how to proceed with your ferrets care.

HOWEVER, if you are aware that your ferret has a known genetic disease and is not being treated, he must begin treatment prior to his arrival at Ferret Camp.  Being in a new environment is stressful enough for a ferret and we want our ferrets to feel well and have fun while they're here with minimum stress.

I am experienced at administering a wide range of oral or injectable medications if your ferret has a condition that requires daily treatment.  

Ferret Campers are weighed on a gram scale when they arrive, their weight is documented and then monitored throughout their stay at Ferret Camp. This ensures they are eating to sustain their weight and haven't succumbed to depression.

ABOUT THE FEES back to top

You will find that Ferret Camp rates are lower than most, if not all other boarding facilities, veterinary hospitals/clinics, ferret rescues and possibly other private sitters - for 3 very good reasons:

1. RESPITE! You need a break.  Ferrets are like little children that never grow up.  They are far more complicated than a dog or cat and it's important that they don't become chores, rather than fun.  

2. Boarding is expensive.  If rates are outside your budget, then you don't get to take fun vacations or volunteer for that business trip no one else wants to take, so you can impress your boss.

3. We live in a fast paced-cram everything you can into a 24 hour day.  Work, home, children - and pets.  Being overwhelmed, tired and resentful can get the best of anyone loaded with responsibilities. And sometimes in a moment of weakness, you might even think about lightening the load.  My goal is to be available and affordable for anyone who needs a break but can't find an experienced sitter they trust or can't afford one. 

Plus - I have an advantage where I am not trying to fund a very expensive rescue.


ONE FERRET $ 11.00

*A standard flat rate applies for 3 or more ferrets when they belong to the same group and can be housed in the same cage and play together.  If you have ferrets that must be separated because of temperament, age, etc., a rate of  $3.00 will apply for each additional ferret due to the extra cage space and separate playtime required.


 1. Bathing/Grooming (nail clipping free) $ 3.00
 2. Ferret to Vet/Other Taxi Service $18.00
 3. Chaperone Service each 30 minutes $ 9.00
 4. Oral Medication (see below) FREE

1. One time charge to bathe and/or groom your ferret as many times as needed/requested while he is at ferret camp.  However, bathing ferrets is typically not necessary nor recommended.  This tends to dry out their already very itchy skin and produce more oil - the very reason you are bathing!

All ferret grooming is included FREE for long term boarders (30 days or more).
Nail clipping is a free service for all ferrets while at Ferret Camp

2. To help offset travel expenses, a one time round trip fee will apply for any visits to the vet, stores, pharmacy, etc. that are necessary and specific to your ferret that is not a normal Ferret Camp activity.

3. Charges apply for time spent at the vet, shopping for supplies or any other activities performed specifically for your ferret outside the normal Ferret Camp activities.

4. Ferret Camp for seniors, the disabled or those with a degenerative disease (non contagious) are always welcome.  Rates are based on the level of care/treatment that is required (e.g. an oral med once or twice a day vs. hand feeding, subq fluids, etc).


Ferret Camp stocks Zupreem and Marshalls Chicken ferret food.

Ferrets need to continue their same familiar diet while at Ferret Camp to avoid tummy upsets or anorexia (a common behavior when they rebel against a new food).  You only need to bring food if your ferret is eating something different than what is provided here.

TOYS, BEDDING, HAMMY'S.  Be sure to bring your fuzzy's favorite thing(s), be it toys or a blanket, hammock, etc.  They need to be surrounded by their own personal items.  For those of you with older fuzzies, be prepared to provide extra information about their personality, health history, special needs and home routine.

LITTER! back to top

Otherwise known as Ferret Camp PISH PADS are what I use in place of litter such as wood or paper pellets.  Truly a discovery that has changed my life and added years to my spinal discs.  I no longer lift or dump heavy litter, there is no litter dust or tracking, the pads are washable, reusable and the geriatric ferrets especially like them. The downside - younger ferrets will sometimes dig and overturn them if the pads are clean. So just in case, you should bring their own familiar litter as a back up.

VACCINATION POLICY and Safety back to top

The CANINE DISTEMPER virus is highly contagious and fatal in ferrets who have not been fully imunized.

The RABIES vaccine is required by law since this virus can be passed along to humans. IMRAB3 was and still is today, our recommended rabies vaccine which has been tested safe and effective for ferrets.

All ferrets must be current within one year prior to arriving at Ferret Camp unless there is a vet documented history of reactions to the vaccine.  A signed waiver is required stating that you understand the risk to your ferret if not vaccinated.

Below are the only vaccines accepted at Ferret Camp in conjuction with the most current


Canine Distemper Virus (CDV)

Vaccine:  NOBIVAC PUPPY DPv or Merial Purevax

8, 11, 14 weeks. Annually thereafter


Vaccine:  IMRAB3

12 weeks and annually thereafter


I treasure each and every ferret camper that comes through my door and there is nothing more entertaining than getting a good shot of a ferret in motion. Hosting the hundreds upon hundreds of pictures taken over the years, hosting them is an ever changing task as technology evolves.  For now, you can view many of them in the current Photo Gallery.


A unique, cost effective way to litterbox train your ferrets. After the initial purchase you will never buy another bag of pellets ever again! No mess, no scooping, no hauling away used litter, no dump fees, no smell. Best of all, the ferrets love it. No slipping and sliding and no matter how much they pee, it's still dry!



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Aside from extraordinary care, each fuzzbutt gets their own cushy, secluded bed

There are even special accommodations for the fuzzies who don't like to sleep alone

All made with love by Creations By Angie, who devotes much of her time making bedding and donating to various shelters nationwide.

AND...another favorite is The Ferrety Madhatter.  These barrel beds fit perfectly in the Ferret Nation cages.  Ricki Gordon makes the most beautiful barrels and are exceptionally well made.