Many of us canít provide homes for the hundreds of ferret residents at our shelters nor can we care for the elderly and sick ferrets who will live out the rest of their lives in hospice.  We CAN however, help Washington Ferret Rescue and Shelterkeep them safe from abandonment, neglect, abuse and a painful death by helping to keep our local ferret shelters open.  Ferret shelters donít receive large donations and other funds that are often reserved for mainstream cat and dog shelters so they are often supplemented with personal income and 2nd mortgages.  Even so, they still can't always meet their obligations and risk having to close their doors.

Rising operating costs, humongous medi
cal bills, lackDenise's Delightful Dookers Ferret Rescue of funds and now increased county imposed fees are a constant challenge for our shelters and just one more thing to add to their already overburdened, overworked and exhausted shelter staff and volunteers.

Letís all help reduce that burden by sending donations to your favorite shelter and/or their veterinarians so they can continue to meet their obligations and keep our ferrets safe.  The consequences of any shelter having to close their doors is incomprehensible and a death sentence for an unwanted ferret.

Follow the links to their sites where you can donate directly to the shelter of your choice or their veterinarians.  Thank you for your support!!