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Lost your ferret? Youíre not alone. Although more often occurring in the summer with easier access to the outdoors, people coming and going, doors and windows open, ferrets can escape any time of year. Ferrets are completely dependent on their human and cannot survive outside so every effort should be made to find your little fuzzy. Be sure to call all of the shelters in your area including animal control and the humane society if your ferret has escaped. Ferrets can travel a long distance before they realize theyíre far from home.

As much as your ferret will try to coerce you into more freedom in the home, heís much safer in a confined area where doors arenít accidentally left open, especially if you have children. Itís hard to apply tough love but it IS for their own good.

Ferrets arenít a mainstream pet and many people still donít know what they look like. If possible, include a picture of your ferret or attach it to the flyer and post it in your neighborhood, bulletin boards and veterinary offices, shelters, etc. Be creative! Youíre more likely to get your ferret back the more effort you put into finding him. The sooner, the better!