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An entire album dedicated to MARLEY who started out as a 3 month ferret camper and stayed for 2 YEARS!

MISTAKEN IDENTITY     See what type of "ferrets" shelters get called out to rescue and other "Mustelidae" varmits  (pronounced mus-TUH-luh-dee)

Little Dude's Ferret News

Do you need a vet to come to YOUR house? Try Kraft Veterinary Services!

Dr. Melissa Nathanson from The North Seattle Vet Clinic and Jones Animal Hospital are added to the list of clinics to carry the Nobivac DPv vaccine!


Nobivac DPv and Imrab3 are the ONLY two AFA recommended safe and effective vaccines currently available for ferrets. Please get familiar with the latest vaccine requirements and talk with an experienced ferret vet.  Go to Ferret Resources if you need help finding one.


EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

Long overdue but I have finally put together the Canine Distemper vaccine information which should help and answer most questions about both the virus and the vaccine.  The new FERRET CAMP vaccine requirements includes the AFA recommended vaccination schedule for healthy ferrets while taking into consideration the recommendations of experienced ferret vets. 

If you have a ferret with special circumstances or you just want to follow Ferret Camp recommended safety precautions, here is a modified chart with the AFA SPECIAL vaccination schedule.

You can also view an official and current AFA statement regarding their position on the Nobivac DPv canine distemper vaccine.  I encourage you to print it out and share it with your vet since it refers to actual studies, journal articles and world renowned veterinarians.

Are you interested in the entire CDV background history?  It contains  a lot of information that I was supposed to research and update about 5 years ago.  oops....

If you bought your ferret from Petco, do not assume your ferret received their first CDV series. In fact, without an available USDA approved CDV vaccine, it is unlikely Petco (or any other pet shop) is vaccinating ferrets for canine distemper at this time.  There is so much confusion and a lack of information about the vaccine, that you should always ask.

Be sure to join the Ferret Mailing List (FML) by sending an email request to moderator Bill Gruber and the Ferret Health List (FHL) with your Yahoo ID or sign in and join with Facebook or Google.

You'll have access to a world wide ferret community and support from experienced shelter operators, ferret owners and health professionals.  The FML has been inexistence since 1987 and the FHL since 2001. 

I am finally getting current on new ferret photo uploads and I'm in the v e r y  s l o w  process of working on videos.  Be patient and stay with me!

Kitty has a clingy weasel friend!  You gotta see this!!!

Relocation Stress Syndrome 
Information you should know if you are planning to surrender your ferret or even if you are just placing him in a new environment temporarily.

Did you fall on hard times, lose your job or living on a low income?  Do you have a sick or injured pet and can't afford proper medical care?  If so, you may be eligible for financial assistance.  The Humane Society of the United States maintains an extensive listing of National and State Resources.

Anatomy and physiology of the ferret gastrointestinal system - COMING SOON!